We use different coach rates for individuals and organizations. An introductory meeting is free and without obligation if you do not want coaching after this meeting.

If you do want to be guided, this conversation is an integral part of the coaching process. We think the introductory  meeting is important and take the time for you. After all, a good interview lays the foundation for a successful end result. 


Our prices are as below :

Companies € 125.00 - 1 hour

Self-employed persons / entrepreneurs € 100.00 1 hour

Individuals € 90.00 1 hour

Introductory meeting free of charge * 1hour


For organisational coaching, team coaching and «coaching sur le tas», we use different rates, depending on the demand.


The above coaching rates are exclusive of 21% VAT. An appointment can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance. If canceled within 24 hours, the call will still be billed. A coaching process takes an average of 5-8 conversations. Would you like to exchange ideas?

Feel free to call or email for an introductory meeting and experience for yourself what Mayoutik Coaching can do for you.